Droid executes Commands. The Commands to be executed and the computers on which to execute them are described in a human readable configuration file. Droid reads the configuration file and executes the Commands exactly as described.

Droid is employed to:-

  • Automate the provisioning of IT infrastructure
  • Deploy applications
  • Manage IT infrastructure configuration



Droid is a Symfony Console Application. The Droid Standard meta package provides a variety of Droid Commands which are Symfony Console Commands. Droid Commands may be executed from the console, or they may be invoked as part of a Droid configuration.


A Task is part of a Droid configuration and instructs Droid to execute a Command, providing the command Arguments and other meta data. A Task also specifies the computers, or Hosts, on which the Command will execute.


A Target is part of a Droid configuration and is an ordered list of Tasks, like a recipe. A Target is intended to achieve a specific goal, such as deploying a web application to a web server. Droid reads each Task of a Target in turn and determines on which Hosts to execute the associated Command. Droid executes the Command on each Host, in parallel.

Inventory - Hosts and Groups

A Host is part of a Droid configuration and describes a computer, real or virtual, on which Commands may be executed. Hosts may be grouped logically into Groups, such as all web servers, so that Commands may be executed on all members of the Group.

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